"I've searched each hole in the corner, from the Battery to the Bronx. From the most exclusive, to the honky tonks. I've sought her at the movie houses, cabarets and parksadvertised the Age and the News." - Nat King Cole "Harlem Blues"

I often find myself wandering throughout New York City, shooting photography. Life in New York pulsates around us at all times. A lot of photography is documenting the moment and with so many moments happening all at once, choosing to document one with a photograph is this incredibly emotional thing. I wonder if that's part of why New York has been one of the most photographed places? The City is a collection of distinctive neighborhoods, and thanks to the 1811 Grid Plan (which is still very much in effect today), walking around New York City is like hanging out with the Ghost of Christmas Past. There's so much rich history built on top of itself in New York. The same is true of Brooklyn, Queens, The Bronx, and Staten Island. New York has been the place to be since the Dutch West India Company first colonized in 1624. Capturing New York in photography helps me remember that I'm part of this teeming metropolis, and knowing i'm part of it helps me remember how wonderful it is to be alive. 

Photos from this set are available for purchase here: thewallbreakers.pixieset.com