Giffgaff x Halloween – When You’re Scared, You’re Not The Boss #alltheboss

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The last thing you want to have happen to you when being chased by zombies this Halloween is to have no service on your cell phone! Luckily, giffgaff has you covered, literally and figuratively. They’re not without a sense of humor too, as the above video dictates.

This Halloween giffgaff is pulling a little trick ‘n’ treat by putting together a selection of classic horror figures, proving that “you ain’t the boss when you’re scared.”

They had this to say about the production: “Filmed on location in the rather disturbing Trent Park, home to numerous rotting corpses including a Ghost Earl, and Alice (a six year old girl who can be heard singing in the Stables) we’re cooking up some Halloween action.” When you mix that atmosphere with an insane clown, prison escapee, and a terrified girl, you’ve got the perfect ingredients for a fright night flight!

Staying on brand in a fun way by scaring and making their audience laugh is becoming giffgaff’s habit. Last year’s “Different Takes Guts” production saw one-hundred people throw blood and guts at each other in a disused swimming pool. Needless to say, it got banned! Nice work. So here it is! Get ready to laugh until you faint. Happy Halloween!