The 26ft. Jack Daniels Whiskey Barrel Tree is Up and Ready to Spread Holiday Cheer!

The following advertorial was originally published as part of Vice Media's UK blogger network. 

The holidays are all about family, sharing, and caring. I’m pretty sure we all have our own heart-warming and unconventional holiday traditions. As much as I love decorating the tree, my favourite part of decorating for the holidays has always been getting to decorate the house. Poinsettias, red bows, nutcracker figurines, special holiday candles, indoor wreaths, tablecloths, and all kinds of holiday bric-a-brac have made their way into my family’s lexicon over the years. We even put up an huge ceramic Victorian Christmas village. It’s gotten so elaborate that a few years ago we had to lay out a grid system. There’s nothing that says “the holidays in New York” like a ceramic Victorian Christmas village with good city planning! That doesn’t even account for the ridiculous outdoor decorations we put up. No matter who you are, you can appreciate the sense of community and togetherness the holidays bring about.


The people who live in Lynchburg, Tennessee have their own giant outdoor decoration. Each year Jack Daniel’s brings the entire town together to construct a giant Christmas tree out of empty Jack Daniel’s distilling barrels. What’s more fun than constructing a giant Christmas tree in the middle of town? How about decorating it! The sense of pride and happiness felt by the people in Lynchburg is encapsulated in this glowing beauty of American hard work and ingenuity. It’s also a good excuse to do something everyone can enjoy. As the folks at Jack Daniel’s tell us, “We’ve always done things our way, and the holidays are no exception. Here at the Jack Daniel’s Distillery we’ve never been the type to follow the norm. That could be why our ‘tree’ is anything but traditional. Standing 26ft tall and made entirely of barrels, it’s a seasonal sign of good times, good friends and damn good whiskey. Despite its unconventional nature it has a way of drawing folks closer together, much like the spirit it once housed.”


Got your own happy unconventional holiday tradition? Jack Daniel’s would love to hear it! Share it with them at HTTP://TRADITIONS.JACKDANIELS.COM for a chance to win hundreds of prizes. Stories involving irresponsible drinking will be disqualified, so focus on the things that make you or your family completely unique. Think hard, we all have them, and I’m sure those memories will bring a smile to your face! Oh, and remember to celebrate joyfully and drink responsibly. Happy Holidays!