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In September of 2011 I sat down for dinner with Matt Weckel, one of my oldest friends, at a Vietnamese restaurant in Manhattan's formerly gritty Lower East Side. Matt had gone to school for film production and was freelancing in DUMBO. At that time I was working as an on-site freelancer for a small, tight-knit team of proactive thinkers within Condé Nast. We began to talk about what we could do to form more meaningful connections with other creatives.

"How could we get everyone more exposure?"

"What if we were somehow able to join together our personal creative communities and help give artists some publicity at the same time?"

"We're both from Brooklyn. We should leverage that somehow too, right?" 

"Ok... so, a Brooklyn-based online creative community. People should be able to submit their work to us, right?" 

"Yup. Let's write about their work, art history and current events too."  

"What should we call it?"

"Hmm I have been thinking a lot lately about the need to break through a wall. What do we call people who run through stuff? Who kick down doors? Who break through walls?"

"I'd say we call them Wall Breakers."

Since February 1, 2012 as The WallBreakers has undergone many transformations it has remained a constant in my life. It's helped to keep me connected to people I care about. It's helped me hone skills in writing, podcast production, and interviewing. It's also helped improve my ability to be patient, to stick with something, and to be open in the present tense.

For more specific creative work I've been a part of through The WallBreakers, browse various sections of this site. You can also visit The WallBreakers.