One of the first condemned buildings to be completely rebuilt with all sustainable materials, 93 Nevins in Brooklyn is an inspiration to those who think that good things can't happen.

In 2004, before many of the current green guidelines had been formally established, local Brooklyn developers Rolf Grimsted and Emily Fisher set out with genuine intent. They would improve their neighborhood by taking over a highly-toxic, dangerous building – derelict for 20 years – and recreate something new, something “aspirational.”

They decided to create two contemporary residences that celebrate Brooklyn townhouse living. Their goal was to design and build 93 Nevins/453 Pacific to be as “green as possible.” They weren’t sure what that meant, exactly, yet they were willing and eager see just how “far” they could go. Thus, spurred on by a team of passionate idealists, the “great adventure” at 93 Nevins began… and continues today!

I was tasked with designing the website for this health house -