55DSL x 686 Snowboarding Collection Launches With Dope Moshpit Short Film

This article was originally published through Vice Media's UK blogger network.

So long as there are youths with big hearts, big dreams, and something to prove, there will always be a counterculture movement and fashion that goes with it. Rock music with it’s leather and denim, and snowboarding with its need for risk takers willing to defy gravity to catch some good air, are two examples of such movements. In this vein, 55DSL and 686 have joined forces to create the ultimate snowboarding collection in a launch so epic it needed the perfect moshpit short film to accompany it.


In true 55DSL fashion, the brand has once again collaborated with vital, young creative talent. Director Stephen Agnew is responsible for music videos for the likes of Drenge and The Vaccines, whilst graphic artist Ruff Mercy has lent his hand to projects by Disclosure and Mary J Blige.


The 55DSL x 686 “Moshpit” video turns the gaze of ultra-slow motion cameras to a wild, un-hinged circle pit, set to doomy guitar riffs and reverb-laden drums. Shot in a South-London warehouse space, “Moshpit” is an examination of what happens when bodies collide in the midst of the heaviest hardcore punk gigs – every detail from beads of sweat to rippling guitar stings are caught in super high-definition slow motion. It’s right in line with what our young generation feels on a day-to-day basis. We want to live our lives in the most sensual way possible. We want to feel everything, see everything, do everything, and this new collection from 55DSL and 686 helps do just that.


The Polyfill stuffing provides warmth, but doesn’t restrict arm and leg movement. The removable sherpa-lined hood with the brushed shoelace drawcord lets you rip it off at the bottom of a sweet hill and yell, “hell yeh, I just did that!” The dual chest pockets and zippered thigh pocket allow you to hide whatever you don’t want anyone to see. The best part? Because this collection has been made with our denim rock gods in mind it’s got the feel and hem of something Brando, or Presley, or Jagger, or Strummer would have worn. It’s the perfect attire to be a rebel with a cause.


Check out the Moshpit video above, check out some of the sweet BTS shots below, and be sure to SHOP THE COLLECTIONS AT 55DSL HERE!